"I am running for Senate because I want to ensure that every Georgian has the opportunity to thrive. I know that if we work together, we can make Georgia a cleaner, healthier, and more just Georgia for all Georgians."

A Cleaner Georgia



From cleaner air, to clean water, to functioning sewage systems, the citizens of District 41 deserve a cleaner environment. I am committed to fighting for laws that prioritize clean energy, pollution reduction and less dependence on fossil fuels. I will work to preserve and protect our watersheds from sewage spillage and toxic dumping. I will advocate for more mold and mildew reduction programs that will help reduce asthma rates among Georgia's citizens.

Mass Public Transit

The efforts for cleaner air must include the continued development of our mass transit systems. From buses, to bike lanes, to trains, I will work for legislation that funds additional mass transit options for our district. 

Economic Development

District 41 is a beautiful part of Georgia, but that beauty gets blighted by empty warehouses and abandoned buildings. I am committed to helping bring new economic development opportunities to the district.

Quality Affordable Housing

As District 41 grows, we must ensure that our district's most vulnerable citizens have clean, safe and affordable housing options. I will work with other government officials to create and maintain affordable housing in our district. I will also advocate on behalf of our senior citizens for additional resources that help seniors remain in their houses.

A Healthier Georgia

Medicaid Expansion


Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a human right. No one should have to choose between having food to eat or buying their monthly medications. I will support legislation for Medicaid expansion.

Raising the Minimum Wage

From toxic-stress environments, to malnutrition, to higher rates of heart disease, living in poverty has significant negative outcomes on health. Currently more than 22% of Georgia's children live in poverty. I will fight to increase the minimum wage in Georgia as a measure to help alleviate poverty.

Reproductive Health

I will oppose any legislation that denies a person's rights to reproductive freedom.​

I will also support any recommendations from the House Study committee on Maternal Mortality that help bring down the rate of maternal mortality in Georgia. I am committed to making childbirth safer in our state.

Access to Affordable, Quality Childcare

The cost of child care in Georgia is unaffordable for most Georgian households. For families with two children under age 5, the average cost is $14,144 per year. This is more than the average cost of rent in our state. Many parents are forced to drop out of the workforce because of the high cost of childcare. We must implement reforms that cap the overall cost of childcare.

A More Just Georgia

Education Reform

Every child, regardless of neighborhood has a right to free, quality, public education. Our current system unfairly advantages students from wealthier neighborhoods, while systematically disadvantaging children in poor neighborhoods. The formula for how much money schools receive from the state is outdated and unjust. I will advocate for a new school funding formula that helps bring equity into our school systems. 

Anti-Discrimination Bill

Georgia does not have a comprehensive anti-discrimation law. This leaves Georgians vulnerable to discrimination  on the bases of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. All Georgians should be protected from all forms of discrimination. I will advocate for a comprehensive anti-discrimination bill that protects the rights of every Georgian.

Criminal Justice Reform

I support all efforts to further reform measures to our state's criminal justice system that lead to a reduction in incarceration rates. 

Nobody should go to jail for being unable to pay a ticket for minor traffic violations. I will introduce a bill calling for the decriminalization of all minor traffic violations.

I am  also committed to reducing the penalties for the possession of marijuana. Using the City of Clarkston's ordinance as a model, I will seek to pass commonsense legislation that prohibits jail-time for possessing less than 1 ounce of marijuana.  

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